We’re building the digital infrastructure for the 4th Industrial Revolution. We call it the Mirror World

Building the Mirror World

Our mission is to make the world around us visible to software. We do that by creating an extremely accurate 3D digital twin of the world hosted on a platform allowing to integrate other spatial information. Our goal is to empower you to build spatial applications the world has never seen before.

World Builder

Allows you to select and configure your region of interest

Spatial Tools

Use tools to build and run your application of choice

Spatial Applications

Deploy, distribute, and monetize the applications built through the platform.

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Building a true Mirror World requires rethinking and tweaking the 3D content creation process. So we did.

An Automized Capturing Workflow

Digital Twin 3D Creation Workflow

City Scale Capturing Process


Step One: Towards a Mirror World

Digital Twin Zones

We start by digitising selected geographical locations based on popular demand by early innovators. These areas will be the first in the world to be represented as a true digital twin. Get in touch to hear more about the possibility to get access to our lighthouse projects.


Step Two: Imagine Spatial Applications

Spatial applications are around the corner. Our mission is to enable you to create with spatial thinking in mind thanks to Nomoko 3D data. One dataset, one platform, never ending cross-industry applications.

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HD Maps
Self-driving algorithm simulation and training

Smart cities

Digital infrastructure
City Metrics
Project Visualisation

City wide AR/VR applications

Digital movie sets
Real world-based 3D models for gaming

The story. The people.

About Us

Who we are.

Bára Caldová

Marketing & Brand Coms

Lisa Shuang Li

Studio Project Manager

Gonzalo Rezola de Vargas

Digital Architect and Researcher

Gülcan Can

Head of Machine Learning

Lisa Navarra

Lead Product Manager

Loïc Nouar

Investment Manager

Luc Zeng

Image Processing Engineer

Monika Povilenaite

Head of Operations

Nilson Kufus

Co-founder and CEO

Sonia Batllori

Software Engineer

Roberto Peinado Illana

Mechanical Product Development Engineer

Stephan Lutzke

Project Management Office

Romain Franck

Software Engineer

Sebastien Chappuis

Software Engineer

Srivathsan Murali

Software Engineer

Vaibhav Sawhney

Project Lead, Aerial Image Acquisition

Vincent Pedrini

Co-founder and CFO

Maciej Dworakowski

Lead Product Manager

Juan Vinuales

Capture Manager

Mario Sanchez Gallardo

Drone pilot

Jennifer Ohm

HR Manager

Natalie Cheau Li Lo

Product Marketing Manager

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