The platform for spatial applications and solutions of the future

Interact with the world’s digital twin

Our mission is to enable you to interact with photorealistic real world based 3D data to gain insight, enrich,  analyse and build solutions rooted in reality.

Spatial platform


Composed of the raw data components, such as our precise 3D models and integrated geo-spatial data from third party contributors


Tools built by us and our partners that will allow you to interact with the digital twin of the world


Deploy, distribute, and monetize the applications built through the platform.

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In a nutshell, what makes the core of our platform so unique and so powerful.

Our capturing technology

What do you do when the technology you need does not exist? You make it. And that’s what we did. After almost three years of R&D, we can finally say it. We have developed the highest resolution UAV ready capturing device in the world.

Our 3D software

We have built a proprietary distributed 3D modelling pipeline capable of processing petabytes of data to help us process entire city datasets at the fraction of time and cost.


Due to the design and the resolution of our camera, we are not limited to street level capturing. From up in the air, we feel just as comfortable. Not to mention, we will capture entire cities way, way faster.

Digitising the world step by step

Digital foundations

We start by digitising selected geographical locations based on popular demand by early innovators. These areas will be the first in the world to be represented as a true digital twin. Let us know if you want your region to be digitised first.


Spatial Empowerment

This is the potential of ultra-precise volumetric city data. One dataset, one platform, never ending cross-industry applications.

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HD Maps
Self-driving algorithm simulation and training

Smart cities

Digital infrastructure
City Metrics
Project Visualisation

City wide AR/VR applications

Digital movie sets
Real world-based 3D models for gaming

The story. The people.

About Us

Who we are.

Aaron Seigo

Distributed Systems/High Performance Computing and Development

Aphrodite Charitaki

HR Manager

Bára Caldová

Head of ProductLab


A Bad Boy

Bettina Katics

Quality Assurance Engineer

Felix Linnenschmidt

Mechanical Engineer

Gabriel Fidalgo

Interactive Experience Designer

Florian Kuenzli

Operations Manager

Gülcan Can

Head of Machine Learning


A Good Boy

Hakki Karaman

Applied Mathematician, R&D Mechanical Engineer

Kevin Mersch

Co-founder and CTO

James Dermelj

Software Engineer

Julie Muller

Happiness Officer & Office Manager

Luc Zeng

Image Processing Engineer

Lukas Hostettler

Software Engineer

Matteo Pavan

Head of Electronics

Monika Povilenaite

Product Lab Manager

Nilson Kufus

Co-founder and CEO

Sonia Batllori

Software Intern

Roberto Peinado Illana

Mechanical Product Development Engineer

Romain Franck

Software Developer

Sebastien Chappuis

Software Engineer

Srivathsan Murali

Software Engineer

Vaibhav Sawhney

Project Lead, Aerial Image Acquisition

Vincent Pedrini

Co-founder and CFO

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