5 Swiss Startups to Watch

As you know, we love working in Zurich not only because of the perks of being based in Switzerland as a start up but also because we have the pleasure of being surrounded by some of the most creative and innovative young companies out there. You might be thinking that Switzerland is too small and innocent of a country to be the home to ground-breaking innovations and upcoming visionaries, so we are here to introduce you to five of the most promising Swiss start ups out there. Watch out, Swiss entrepreneurs are taking over the game!




Nowadays, technology is making may parts of our lives so much easier, so why not also use the opportunities we have to improve one thing that Ava feels like we’re stuck in the last century with: Women’s health tracking. CEO Pascal Koenig and his team at AVA have come up with a tracking bracelet for women, that provides information about their cycles and their fertility at all stages of life. It’s a new way for women to get to know more about their bodies, to understand them in a better way, by simply wearing the bracelet over night and receiving all the information in the morning via Bluetooth straight to their phone.


The bracelet can make it much easier for women to get pregnant, since AVA manages to track fertile days at 89% accuracy and has been tested in a one-year clinical study in Zurich. Recently, the company has been named the Best Swiss Startup of 2017, has raised over $10 Mio, and as of June 2016 also has an office in San Francisco.




Founded by Tej Tadi in 2011, this tech start up from Lausanne has recently made headlines by getting a pretty famous investor to support their vision: Lenoardo DiCaprio. The Swiss company made it their goal to humanize virtual reality and to combine partners from healthcare as well as from the entertainment industry to achieve a better, deeper human/machine interaction.


MindMaze has come up with a mask that adds emotions to a user’s VR or AR experience. This has been achieved by using neuro-VR technology and is supposed to revolutionise the way we interact in such virtual experiences. Furthermore, the startup made use of this knowledge to motivate neurorehabilitation patients by engaging them in 3D virtual environment therapy. Leading by example, MindMaze shows the world that advances in technology are more than just gimmicks, but opportunities to improve all kinds of areas in our lives.




Not just an awesome company, but also our neighbours here in Zurich, we felt like we absolutely had to give a shoutout to the amazing team at Beekeeper. The startup has been founded in 2012 by the ETH graduates Flavio Pfaffhauser and Christian Grossmann, who made it their mission to come up with user-friendly tools to regulate internal communication in big and small companies. A process that many companies have struggled with over the years has been made significantly easier by the technology provided by Beekeeper and has been made use of in various industries such as logistics, transportation and gastronomy.


The startup is all about improving efficiency in the work space, but also cares heaps about the employee engagement and motivation. Today, Beekeeper is used by employees in more than 130 countries worldwide and has been mentioned in the media countless times for the way they drastically changed the internal communication game.




There’s so much data floating around us, it would be a shame not to use it for a good cause, right? That’s exactly what the team at Teralytics thought and so they decided to use aggregated cell tower data to gain insights into human mobility. The data can then be used to organize and reshape cities in a more efficient way and to develop transportation networks that people all around the world will benefit from.


Teralytics has been founded in 2012 as an ETH spin-off an has since already gone global by not only having an office in Zurich, but also one in Singapore and another one in New York. Furthermore, the Swiss start up to date employs 65 people and has raised thus far around $44 million. The company has also been featured in a TechCrunch article about their awesome endeavours and have made noise around the world for their ground-breaking use of data.




Another ETH spin-off is Wingtra, a Swiss start up that has only been founded in April of 2016 and has already managed to sell its product to customers around the globe. The company has developed a fully-autonomous drone called WingtraOne, which lets users benefit from a professional, robust, and efficient drone without requiring any piloting skills whatsoever.


Wingtra has made it one of their core values to care about humans and focuses on a user-friendly product that is currently being used in fields ranging from surveying and agriculture to glacier monitoring and wildlife research. Everything started in Switzerland, but as a successful company which is rapidly growing, they have already expanded to the U.S., China, as well as the rest of Europe.



In case all of those awesome companies are making you feel just as excited as us, or if you just want to know more about what’s going on in the Swiss startup community, go check out The Best Swiss Startups 2017  (while you’re there, take a look at #25, pretty cool huh?).


Written by Lea

Image: Death Valley – Lea