The Nomoko Story.

Nomoko was created in 2015 in Zurich, after years of thoughts put into the idea of changing how we see and interact with the world.

We are fuelled by 3 principles:


Both with our technology and as people, we truly believe in doing good. Doing good by caring for ourselves as a team, because the path we’re on is rocky, to say the least.

And doing good, by building a technology that will help, in our best intentions, to positively influence the future.


Creativity is in all of us, given the right tools. This is what we care about, building something that will help people look differently at the challenges they face and to build great solutions they never could before.

a spatial future.

The world is becoming digital at an extremely fast pace – yet we still need to gain way more understanding into the world we have built. We believe that with our approach, we will enable others to build solutions that are truly spatial: taking into consideration the world around us by using Nomoko 3D data as the core building block for digital solutions.

With this in mind, we create.

The Team.

Since day one, we realised that to build a company that lasts, the focus has to be on building a team with an extraordinary variety of expertise but more importantly, personality and drive.

We are a team of innovators, pragmatics, dreamers and carers, because we believe that our differences makes us stronger. We know the road ahead will not be easy, it never was.

We are constantly looking for inspired souls
to join us on our journey, so don’t be shy, get in touch!

Aaron Seigo

Distributed Systems/High Performance Computing and Development

Our Canadian in the bunch was born in Haida Gwaii, and has also lived in Hawaii before moving to Zurich and starting to work at Nomoko. Aaron’s interests range from playing the guitar to cooking, as well as collecting art as part of his obsession with history. Along with being an amazing human being, he was once on a Top 50 Most Influential People in IT list and has done Karaoke on all continents except Alaska.

Aphrodite Charitaki

HR Manager

Born and raised in Greece, Aphrodite has recently joined Nomoko as our HR Manager. Upon completing her BA in Law, passing the Bar exams and wrapping up a non-profit organization’s project aiming to tackle racial violence, she moved to Zurich where she worked for 5 years in International HR. Aphrodite is a passionate advocate for human rights and equality, while she loves playing video and boardgames, traveling, and changing her hair colour more often than Nymphadora Tonks.

Bára Caldová

Head of ProductLab

Bara has joined Nomoko in 2015 and is responsible for overall strategy and the ProductLab, which focuses on coming up with future focused spatial application use cases to implement Nomoko’s vision. Born and raised in Prague, Bara’s background is in international marketing. She is passionate about photography, psychology, good memes and mindfulness. Also, she speaks somewhere between four to six languages, depending on the mood. May or may not be obsessed with Glossier.


A Bad Boy

Brother of Jesse, Benjy is our lovely, snoring office demon. When he’s not chewing on toys, you will find him looking for hugs and rubs.

Bettina Katics

Quality Assurance Engineer

Bettina is in charge of quality assurance when it comes to anything software, hardware, or electrical at Nomoko. She is from Hungary and has obtained a BSc in Business Information Technology from the University of Pécs. During her time off, Betti does not only enjoy spending time outside hiking or riding her bike, but she is also a passionate baker and bakes a mean multi-layered cake.

Estefani Carvalhais

Software Engineer

Estefani is originally from Portugal but born and raised in Switzerland. She has a BSc in Computational Science and Engineering from ETH and a DAS in Data Science from FFHS. She combines several years of software engineering experience in computational photography and computer vision, together with a talent for organizing software engineering processes and teams. Besides her passion to travel the world and learn about other cultures, she enjoys to cook and walks with her dog.


Cedric Hobeika

Marketing & Communications

Born in the french part of Switzerland Cedric lived in 4 countries including France where he bagged a BA in International Business Administration from the American University of Paris. Before joining the Nomoko team he worked for 10 years in Dubai where he grew his Marketing and Management skills. He is married to the best DJ/Producer in the world and passionate about street photography, strength training and French Bulldogs.

Felix Linnenschmidt

Mechanical Engineer

Felix has a passion for all things mechanical, having experience working for the Formula E team at the ETH in Zurich prior to joining Nomoko, among many other things. This awesome dude from Germany is currently finishing up his MSc in Mechanical Engineering at ETH while writing his thesis in Melbourne, Australia. In his free time, you will probably find him riding a cool motorbike or working on anything mechanical that will get his hands dirty. He enjoys the creative freedom at Nomoko and we love his dedication, motivation and humour.

Gabriel Fidalgo

Interactive Experience Designer

Gabriel’s job is to create fun interactive experiences out of complicated things. He is from southern France but has lived in the UK before settling in Switzerland where he studied 3D modeling and animation for interactive entertainment. You will often see him sketch ideas and plan how to turn his sketches into interactive stories.
Gabriel is passionate about nature and history. He also enjoys spending time reading and writing. Beside his work at Nomoko, Gabriel has dedicated his life to nature preservation, learning and teaching survival skill as well as self-reliance.

Florian Kuenzli

Operations Manager

Florian has been working at Nomoko since 2015 along with obtaining his BSc and MSc in Mechanical Engineering from ETH Zurich. Over the years he has transitioned from the mechanical team to the running of operations at Nomoko.  He has been part of the Scouts for more than 17 years and in his free time loves playing the piano, skiing, and working on his tennis skills. He learnt to do hypnosis on himself and others, which, let’s be honest, is pretty badass.

Gonzalo Rezola de Vargas

Architect and 3D Artist

Gonzalo completed his Master in Architecture at the University Politecnica of Madrid (ETSAM). He was also researching as a Scientific Assistant In ETH in the Institute of Technology in Architecture and is now preparing a proposal for a Phd. He loves IT, art, architecture, mathematics and philosophy. Gonzalo is also a painter and exhibited in Veneccia Bienale of Architecture and won the first prize for the best architectural thesis in 2017 in Madrid. In his free time he loves Longboarding, playing football, travelling with friends and exploring new cultures.

Gülcan Can

Head of Machine Learning

Gülcan is from Turkey and has joined Nomoko in spring of 2018 as our first Machine Learning Engineer. She has an impressive educational background, having obtained a BSc in Computer Engineering from Bilkent University, a MSc in Computer Engineering from the Middle East Technical University, and her PhD in Electrical Engineering from EPFL. Since moving to Switzerland, Gülcan has really gotten into skiing, but she also enjoys playing squash, reading, and going to the cinema.


A Good Boy

Named after Jesse Pinkman, Jesse is an international doggo who chews everything and loves everyone. Speaks French. Eh oui!


Office Lion

Leo is our calm office doggo that loves to scratch his back against the carpet and is often mistaken for a cat due to his love for lap naps. He speaks Finnish but is slowly learning French and English.

Hakki Karaman

Applied Mathematician, R&D Mechanical Engineer

Hakki tackles all sorts of mathematical challenges of Nomoko since 2015. He has two BSc degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics from Bogazici University, Istanbul and a MSc in Fluid Mechanics from École Polytechnique, Paris. At ETH Zurich, he was a Research Assistant & PhD student working on elastic wave propagation, and did a MAS in Landscape Architecture. In his free time, Hakki loves exploring the globe and learning about new cultures. He has lived in 5, travelled to 40+ countries, and he speaks 8 languages.

Kevin Mersch

Co-founder and CTO

Kevin is your number one contact with regards to all things hardware and software. An avid gadget lover, he’s always up to date with latest trends in tech. He has a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering Technology from ETH Zurich and has previously co-founded a company back home in Luxembourg. He met Nilson through Startup Speed Dating at ETH, where they instantly “clicked” through their shared vision of the future. Kevin not only adds to the company through his ambitions and ideas, but also brings to the table the broad technological knowledge which is much needed when starting a visionary company like Nomoko.

James Dermelj

Software Engineer

James started out writing his BSc thesis for ETH at Nomoko, but fell in love with our awesome team and is now working part-time while finishing his Master studies in Computer Science. The creative bundle of happiness has been playing the guitar all his life, speaks Mandarin and enjoys traveling the world. James is pretty much interested in everything, which not only makes him a great addition to team Nomoko, but also just a great person to talk to.

Josip Marjanović

Software Engineer

Josip studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at University of Zagreb, Croatia. After working for three years as a FPGA engineer, he still felt the desire to complete an Erasmus semester at a fun place abroad. This semester turned into a PhD in Biomedical Engineering at ETH Zurich. After this slightly longer semester he still didn’t have enough of a young and vibrant environment and found the awesome culture he was looking for at Nomoko. Besides a true passion for software and electronics, he enjoys meeting friends, good conversations, traveling and skiing.

Julie Muller

Happiness Officer & Office Manager

Julie, originally from Luxembourg, is responsible for all things happiness and office at Nomoko. With a background in marketing and communications studies (Brussels), she has spent most of her professional career working in startups. For her, the reason is simple: she loves the vibrant, ever evolving environment where everything needs to be built from ground up. It’s her passion and positive, energetic personality that make her a crucial member in our ever growing team. In her free time, she is a Swiss museum ambassador, vinyl collector and music listener – from classical to house and techno.

Lisa Lintschinger

Platform Product Manager

Lisa grew up in the Austrian alps in a tiny village called St. Andrä, before she went off to explore the world and get her degree in Business Administration in Vienna. Her experience ranges from consulting projects in arts and culture to the fields of travel, gaming, outdoor and health. After messing with the Berlin Start-up scene as Product Manager for 5 years, she moved to Zurich to join Nomoko. Lisa is our Platform Product Manager, orchestrating how we showcase our version of the universe. During her free time she enjoys a nice drink or running up and down mountains, travelling through time and history and hanging out with her soon to be wife.

Loïc Nouar

Investment Manager

Loïc is a French born Swiss. He has a degree in Management and speaks 4 languages. He could probably have gotten an honorary degree in tourism as he spent semesters in Lyon, Paris, Madrid, NY and Rio. He started his career in Luxembourg, as a strategy consultant for startups, and then went back to his banking roots in Geneva. He spent some time there as an independent consultant and a project manager before joining Nomoko in 2018. He is in charge of the fundraising, the financial planning, and the stockpiling of Swiss chocolate at Nomoko.

Luc Zeng

Image Processing Engineer

Luc is a French born Swiss of Chinese origins. Wine is his passion as he has already filled his cellar with ~300 wine bottles. When not enjoying a glass of wine, Luc likes to watch rugby games in a pub. He is also an avid couchsurfer and likes discovering new cultures by living with locals. Holding two MSCs in Optical Sciences and Applied Mathematics, he aims to breach the gap between Optics and Image Processing.

Lukas Hostettler

Software Engineer

We’re just going to put it out there: Lukas dances Lindy Hop and is really great at it too! But that’s not the only surprising thing about the EPFL graduate in Robotics and Autonomous Systems; he also ran a half marathon once and actually enjoyed it! When he’s not working his magic at Nomoko, he enjoys sailing in summer and snowboarding in winter.

Matteo Pavan

Head of Electronics

Matteo is the Italian electronics mastermind in our team and has been working at Nomoko since day one. He comes from the Venice area and has a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from ETH. While he loves working on challenges at Nomoko, Matteo really enjoys the flexibility he gets to enjoy time with his family as he has only recently become a dad to a beautiful daughter. Fun fact: Matteo actually had dreadlocks for 15 years and only cut them off because they were too much of a fuss to take care of.

Matthias Grass

Software Engineer

Matthias is from Austria, he is a software engineering intern working on computer vision and machine learning. What he likes about Nomoko is the people and the flexibility. Matthias completed a BSc in mechanical engineering at ETH Zurich. He also did an exchange semester in Norway and for his MSc thesis he plans on going to Harvard. Sports runs through his veins, he loves CrossFit and used to be a competitive skier. In summer he performs alpine rock climbing and his goal next year is to finish a triathlon. He loves travelling, coaching people in the gym and was a math teaching assistant and a ski instructor for 4 years. Oh and he hates Coriander.

Monika Povilenaite

Product Lab Manager

Monika joined Nomoko at the start of 2018 and is working on the topics ranging from product and business strategy to external relationships. Originally, Monika is from Lithuania and has obtained her BA in Politics and International Relations in the UK and her MA in International Security in the Netherlands. Prior to joining Nomoko, Monika has tested herself in the academic environment before moving on to work in a Fintech startup. She brings all of that valuable experience into her daily work as a ProductLab Manager. Besides being an information junkie, Monika is a woman of many passions, ranging from sports, travelling, blockchain, and wine.

Nilson Kufus

Co-founder and CEO

Nomoko’s CEO Nilson has obtained a degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences from the University College Maastricht, where he built his curriculum around courses such as business, artificial intelligence, and media. His educational background and upbeat personality served him as the tools needed to turn his ambitious vision into a successful start up. Nilson is not only a true believer in teamwork and going the extra mile, but, fun fact, he is also a former Swiss figure skating champion.

You will hear him say: “It depends”


Sonia Batllori

Software Engineer

Sonia has joined Team Nomoko as an intern in our software department. She was born and raised in Barcelona and is currently finishing up her double BSc degree in Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Barcelona. Over the course of her studies, Sonia has spent one year abroad in Berlin and has completely fallen in love with the metropolis. Furthermore, Sonia is really into VR and AR, and she won’t stop improving her skills in those fields till she gets a whale floating through the corridor of her flat. Sonia also enjoys dancing, jogging, and playing football and is just a joy to be around.

Roberto Peinado Illana

Mechanical Product Development Engineer

Roberto is from Madrid, Spain where he did his BSc in Aerospace Engineering as well as an internship and his MSc at Airbus. He loves all kinds of sports from karate, which he has practiced for 16 years, to diving and basketball. Furthermore, he’s into building things, painting, and photography. What he likes most about Nomoko are the amazing people as well as the challenges of working on ground-breaking projects.

Romain Franck

Software Developer

This brilliant mind comes from Nancy, France and has completed his studies at Epitech. Even when he’s not at work, he enjoys doing stuff on his computer, but he also likes climbing, reading, as well as woodworking. Romain is pretty obsessed with his home country France, so much so that he’s not planning to ever move and has once eaten two kilos of Sauerkraut when he was a child.

Sebastien Chappuis

Software Engineer

Seb is one of the OGs at Nomoko, as he has been working here since early 2015, after having spent some time abroad in Portland, U.S. and Madagascar. He has a master’s degree in Physics from EPFL and in his free time he enjoys playing the guitar, practicing for gigs with his band, as well as hiking and enjoying the beautiful Swiss nature. Furthermore, he sews his own juggling balls, but he’s still not that good of a juggler.

Srivathsan Murali

Software Engineer

While Sri was born in South India, he has also lived in Saudi Arabia, India, as well as Singapore, before moving to Switzerland and starting to brighten our days here at Nomoko. He has obtained his MSc in Robotics (Computer Visions) at ETH, loves cooking, photography, and playing strategy-based board games with his mates. Also, he can solve the Rubik’s cube in 45 seconds, which just adds to his general awesomeness.

Vaibhav Sawhney

Project Lead, Aerial Image Acquisition

A member of team Nomoko since September of 2015, Vaibhav is originally from Dehli, India and has obtained his BSc in Mechanical Engineering in Bristol, UK and his MSc in Robotics at ETH Zurich. While he loves sports like cricket, boxing, and yoga, just to name a few, he also likes reading and has recently gotten into photography. At Nomoko, we’re not only amazed at his tech talents, but we’re also huge fans of his singing voice.

Vincent Pedrini

Co-founder and CFO

A French-Luxembourger, co-founder Vincent has studied at Solvay Business School in Belgium, and at the University of Montréal, receiving his Master’s Degree in Management and Finance in 2009. Vincent has worked for various consultancies over the years as an Auditor and as Manager, before joining the Nomoko adventure as part of the founding team in 2015 through Kevin, his long time friend. A lover of good food and wine, Vincent is a great combination of a hedonist personality with a true passion for business.

Maciej Dworakowski

Interactive Experience Designer

Maciej studied in the UK and obtained his Business degree in Hong Kong. Upon graduation, he started pursuing 3D/CGI as a hobby, which he then successfully turned into a professional career. During his 7 year stay in Asia, Maciej has been involved in various VR/AR projects within the South East Asia region. Apart from being a passionate gamer, he spends much of his free time practicing 3D rendering/VFX, learning about cinematography and since his arrival in Switzerland, snowboarding.


Juan Vinuales

Capture Manager

Juan is from Huesca, Spain. He studied at the University of Zaragoza and obtained a BSc and a MSc in Agricultural Engineering. He also studied a year in the Netherlands at the Wageningen University thanks to the Erasmus program. Before joining Nomoko Juan worked for a drone service company in Barcelona for more than 3 years. During his free time he enjoys travelling, hanging out with his friends and trying new food. As a hobby he is learning Wasserspringen (diving).

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