Growing the team – reflections on ETH Polymesse 2018

Being based in Zurich, we are closely embedded into the local ecosystem. In turn, that means that we highly appreciate having ETH Zurich as our neighbours and recruitment partners.


As a start-up, we value recruiting people straight from university. Since we are a young and dynamic team of people who are hungry for high impact, we are looking for similar qualities in the people joining Nomoko. Because of that, we are incredibly proud to be participating in such an event like Polymesse where we get to meet up with people, tell them about the exciting work we do, and find future colleagues of ours.


For students, Polymesse is a perfect opportunity to get to know the businesses that are hiring and what opportunities exist for students of various backgrounds. There are rather a lot of participating companies which means that we need to stand out in order to attract the best talent.


This year, the Nomoko team went well prepared. A team of four represented the company – both from the business and the technical teams. We had our new branding materials prepared that stood out from the crowd (poster!!!). Turns out, people loved them – the curiosity in their faces was clear when seeing the movie of our drone flying as well as the 3D reconstruction screen capture.


We had people lining up to speak with us about their ideas for Nomoko and about what we do. It was incredibly rewarding to have students appreciate and admire Nomoko and our vision.


The people we spoke to had interests as varied as our company itself – from business and product management to drones, robotics, and machine learning. The best part of it all – we are pretty sure we will see some of the people we have met at Polymesse again, most likely, as newly baked Nomokians.

Written by Monika 

Image: by rawpixel on Unsplash