Exploration zones

The approach

We are working on something new. We believe in learning by doing. We also believe in close partnerships with organisations, cities and research institutions, who are in need of real world-based 3D data for their current or future needs. This is why we are establishing digital exploration zones.

A digital showroom of the future

The purpose of these zones is for our partners to discover new possibilities, benchmark their existing technology, or request features to be implemented to make the Nomoko platform as powerful as possible.

Most importantly, our aim is to build a rich ecosystem and a strong community hosted on our platform where innovation can be seen as it happens. We believe in enabling creativity and innovation through a new way of looking at the world around us. Through the lens of an explorer.

Starting 2018

Zurich is a natural choice for us. This is where it all started and where our HQ is, together with our brilliant research and development team.

Additionally, Zurich has established itself as a leading city for drone technologies, with a large amount of companies developing UAV technologies. Therefore, it is a perfect testing ground for our technology and a great place to begin. Together with initiatives such as Digital Switzerland, Zurich is the perfect spot for digital exploration.

One dataset, never ending opportunities

Just as a city is used in everyday life by a variety of stakeholders, so should be its digital twin. This is why we’ve built cohorts around different usecases on our platform.

Call for Innovators.

Join us and exlore the possibilities of the future



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