Welcome to Nomoko

If you are wondering about how to start a company, I am the wrong person to ask. If you are feeling curious as to how Lidar works, you should not ask me either because there are much more experienced people around. However, if you are thinking about what it is like to work at Nomoko and what your first few days here might look like, you have come to the right spot! Since I have only been working here for about two weeks now, I have already been through most of the things you are probably wondering about, and have had the pleasure of experiencing what a “normal” workday looks like around here. So, buckle up, you are about to get a first hand glimpse at what it is like to be part of Nomoko.


We’re a bit different around here

When you step off the train at Zürich Hardbrücke in the early morning, you might very well find yourself in the middle of a crowd of suits; a busy bubble of people from all corners of the world trying to get to their business meetings and networking events. A brief walk or bus ride towards Wipkingen and you will find yourself in a completely different environment: happy faces chatting about the most recent developments in tech or that really good episode of that one Netflix show everyone seems to watch. You may think that I am exaggerating, but it is completely true when I tell you that the good vibes at Nomoko already hit you the second you set foot in our office.


Nomokians are an international, diverse, and open-minded folk. They cherish creativity, innovation, and progress while at the same time making it a priority to forge strong company values and not just a team of employees, but a caring community. Around here, you will not find a bunch of seemingly anonymous people in designer suits who come to work in the morning already dreaming about 5pm. At Nomoko, employees feel encouraged to be themselves, to organize their workdays in a way that works best for them in order to create an incubator for creativity and progress. It may sound very simple, but it is the corporate recipe that has not only lead to Nomoko’s success as an early stage startup, but also makes for happy, motivated employees.


Let’s get to business

Do not let my upright gushing about the good vibes at Nomoko fool you; the people working here seem very casual and relaxed, but they also get heaps of work done. It may not come as a surprise at this point, that you as a newly hired employee, are also expected to do your bit and contribute to the progress of the company. No matter whether you have come here to work as an engineer, a software developer or as part of our marketing team, you are here for a reason, namely that you are awesome at what you do. You are now part of a great team consisting of exceptional minds and true experts in their field and if you have been hired by Nomoko, people believe in your abilities and your talent.


Enough with the pep talk, let’s get to work! As with any other job, getting used to your tasks and a new environment is going to take a few days, but I can assure you from my own experience, that here they will make it much easier for you to feel comfortable than you might have experienced in other places. Of course, you get a tour of the whole office and our infrastructure, you will receive the WiFi password and the instruction on how to use the coffee machine; but you will also be assigned a “buddy” who is going to help you with any questions you might have and who is going to ensure, that you are part of team Nomoko from day one. After such a smooth start at your new job, you will soon realize why we take such pride in our team spirit and work ethics.


Real Talk

There is this saying about how, if you find a job you love, you will never work a day in your life. While I enjoy the optimism, I am not here to sugar-coat things: There will be days when working at Nomoko will not feel like a piece of cake. You will find yourself feeling frustrated from time to time staring at a problem you cannot solve right away, or moments in which deadlines might put a lot of pressure on you. Sometimes, life just gets in the way, things happen, and that is completely normal. There are most definitely jobs out there that will make you feel this way on a daily basis, where you face tasks that do not excite you and co-workers who feel just as stuck as you do. Nomoko is not one of those companies.


Naturally, you might after all not feel comfortable here, but we are aware that sometimes, things just do not work out, and it is absolutely okay to move on. However, we are also strong believers in talking, in sharing our experiences, and creating a work space that helps you to feel and perform at your best. At Nomoko, you are part of a team and you will always find somebody who is more than willing to work with you on problems and difficult challenges. As a matter of fact, if you were to walk into our office right now as I am typing this, you would find various people sitting together at a table, scratching their heads at how to solve another tech mystery. We do not only believe in team work, we actually live by it.


One last thing…

Before I started working at Nomoko, I did not know what to expect from a tech company, let alone from a start-up. Needless to say, I did not expect to work on projects that excite me to such a degree that I sometimes have to keep myself from wanting to work on them during my days off, or that I would get to be part of such an amazing team. When you get to work at a start-up, you will experience how much work goes into building a company from scratch and how much dedication it requires from each and everyone at the firm. It is a truly exciting process, a journey that many embark on without knowing about the time it will take to build something extraordinary. At Nomoko, you will get to work with amazing minds on projects, that will change the way we see and experience the world. Are you excited yet?


Written by Lea  

Image: Zurich – Bara