We are Nomoko
We're building the infrastructure to power the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We call it the Mirror World.
The Fourth Industrial Revolution
Or 4IR as it's known, is connecting the real world to the digital world at a fundamental level. It gives artificial intelligence (AI) access to the real world like never before, creating limitless possibilities for a new generation of spatial applications.
  • Spatial applications
    Spatial apps interact virtually with the real world to help visualize and test almost any possibility. Think of city-scale Augmented Reality (AR) apps, 3D analysis tools for real estate and simulation software for autonomous vehicles.
  • Building an infrastructure
    We're building the infrastructure that enables these spatial apps to work. A machine-readable and writable replica of the real world, we call it the Mirror World.
  • The Mirror World
    The Mirror World infrastructure is made up of three core building blocks: Mirror World Data, the SDK and Mirror World applications.
  • Mirror World Data
    Mirror World Data starts with detailed digital replicas of urban environments like cities, rendered in hyper-accurate geo-referenced 3D. Onto this data layer we can integrate and simulate maps, dynamic agents, and environmental, legal and behavioral contextual data. We interact with it using the Mirror World SDK.
  • Mirror World SDK
    Our SDK is the bridge that connects the Mirror World to spatial apps so anyone can interact with, use and manipulate real-world environments from one cohesive model. It will feature a programming interface developers can use to write Mirror World Applications.
  • Mirror World Applications
    Mirror World apps are spatial apps that use Mirror World Data to create a seamless interaction with the digital world for any industry or functionality. From services to games, static visuals to interactive simulation, the possibilities are limitless.
  • Enter the Mirror World
    3D creatives & marketers
    Need a hyper-realistic and interactive 3D model of an urban environment to showcase a product, service or business proposal?
    Data providers
    Do you have spatial data you want to make available to developers building the next generation of spatial apps?
    Interested in building a virtual solution or experience in the Mirror World but don't know where to start?
    The Mirror World roadmap
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    Awards & grants

    This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 874079