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We turn reality into 3D.
You build the rest.

Photorealistic 3D data and powerful streaming technology to bring your Digital Twin to life.

An integrated suite for 3D data

We handle the 3D data creation and streaming so you are free to focus on designing, building, and developing your project.

Real-world 3D data

We fly drones and recreate the physical world in high-resolution 3D models at city scale and for points of interest, via catalog or on demand. An end-to-end service for the data you need when you need it.

3D streaming library on screens

3D Streaming SDK

Build geospatial applications with a powerful JS library for an optimized stream of large-scale 3D data online.

Studio workshops


Need support to build your own Digital Twin app with Nomoko technology? From first concept to prototype and implementation, we can help you build a solution tailored to your needs.

Solving the toughest 3D challenges

Data accessibility

Data accessibility

Easily order real-life 3D data from one place

Data accuracy

Data accuracy

Drone data capture allows regular updates in an ever changing world

Data quality diamond

Data quality

Benefit from high-resolution data at up to 1.5cm GSD

Data streaming cloud

Data streaming

Seamlessly visualize large-scale 3D data online with cutting-edge polygon streaming technology

Price tag

Data cost

Get real-world 3D data at a fraction of the cost of an airplane survey or a manual 3D creation

3D serving professionals in daily operations

CAD model in 3D environment

Urban planning

– Evaluate the impact of a new building
– Simplify feasibility studies
– Involve all parties in the project and communicate compelling and inspiring stories

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Real estate 3D

Real estate

– Bring context and tell your real estate story
– Invite your clients to an immersive navigation experience
– Speed up sales processes

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Davos in 3D

Events planning

– Create virtual representations of event spaces
– Making design adjustments virtually
– Create captivating visual content for interactive experiences

App developpers

App developers

– Convert your 3D into a web-friendly format
– Build web applications on top of 3D data
– Blend 3D with contextual Mapbox data

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See yourself in action with the 3D Digital Twin of Zürich

Bring the real world into your digital experiences