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Digital Twin powered real estate

The platform that supercharges urban and real estate development, turning spatial data into real world opportunities

One-stop shop for real estate intelligence

Researching and prospecting real estate investments is laborious and time-consuming. Nomoko is a web platform for real estate that aggregates spatial data and location intelligence to deliver actionable insights to your business.
Make better, data-driven decisions that create opportunities and streamline your processes.

Integrations with Real estate tools

Integrated apps and tools

We partner with data providers, software developers and industry specialists to empower real estate professionals to work with the latest data and tools in one place.

Aerial 3D models for efficient urban development projects

We capture and create custom 3D models with drones that provide unprecedented access to the physical world through an interactive digital environment. Plan projects, visualize concepts, inspire audiences and influence decision-making with contextual data.

Helping real estate professionals in their daily operations



Locate properties that fit your criteria faster. Leverage up-to-date data to audit or expand your property portfolio.

3D modeling for real estate


Get comprehensive analyses and expert assessments on properties, with data-based scouting, market studies and valuation intelligence.

3D modeling for urban development

Government authorities

Use digital twins to communicate more effectively and speed up urban development projects.

3D models in action

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