3D data
Photorealistic 3D data

3D data

On-demand real-world 3D. From drone capture and processing, to visualization.

Photorealistic replicas of the real world
from drone images and photogrammetry technology

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Aim for the highest resolution. Nomoko 3D data is based on advanced photogrammetry and visualization technologies, with a GSD of 1.5cm, even at city scale.

Data accuracy


Don’t get stuck with outdated information. With custom orders, we capture what you want, when you want it. Capture – process – deliver – repeat.

Data accessibility


Purchase our pre-captured data or order a custom project to fit your specific needs, in terms of resolution, deliverables, and integrations, packaged for online 3D platforms and desktop software.


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Zürich Bahnhofstrasse

See 3D in action

Navigate through a photorealistic 3D model, only produced from drone images.


Our 3D modeling process

Our 3D data is generated from drone images. Photogrammetry technology transforms thousands of images into photorealistic Digital Twins, offering a range of outputs for different stakeholders, from real estate and architecture to government, municipal services, and landscape design.

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Drone data capture

Our dedicated drone team captures and processes all aerial image data, following the local regulations. To make our models scalable, we capture using a standardized grid system that you can customize to your needs.

3D reconstruction of area

3D reconstruction

We have optimized processes using photogrammetry to convert images into photorealistic textured 3D models that we optimize, simplify and clean so they are easier for you to use.

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Ready to use and reuse

The result is versatile 3D data that is:

• Accurate
• Georeferenced
• Scaled

Ready to use in infinite amazing ways with applications across industries.

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Custom simulations and outputs

We can create the outputs you want, from orthophotos and images to videos and specialist simulations – or use the 3D model to create your own. Talk to us and see what’s possible.

Nomoko 3D data services are available in

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Immersive experiences for various applications

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Urban planning & Smart Cities

3D models help planners and policymakers with internal development or local planning revisions by simulating different scenarios and testing the effectiveness of different design choices, while enabling a new level of citizen participation, leading to informed decision-making.

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Real Estate

Transform the way properties are presented and marketed. With cost-effective photorealistic 3D rendering, showcase properties in their full glory, even before they are built.

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VR/AR & entertainment

Offer immersive and visually stunning experiences with real world 3D. Leverage advanced rendering techniques and high-resolution textures to create lifelike virtual environments.

The different outputs for your project

3D model formats

3D mesh models

Georeferenced and real scale models can be provided in FBX and OBJ file formats.

They can also be delivered via the Nomoko Platform, Nira, Twinmotion & Unity software for 3D visualization and navigation.

3D model formats
CAD model integrated to 3D envrironment of urban area

CAD model integration

Want to visualize CAD models in photorealistic, contextual 3D environment?

For custom projects, you can request that we integrate your CAD or BIM projects with the 3D environment of your choice.

Analyze different scenarios and conditions like shadow and seasonal simulations.

CAD model integrated to 3D envrironment of urban area
3D model of neighborhood

Download a 3D demo file

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eBook: All about 3D data

Step into a world of limitless possibilities and get a clear and simple overview of complex topics such as photogrammetry, how 3D data is created and processed, and read about real-life use cases.

one square kilometer tile


Our 3D data pricing is based on a square kilometer calculation. For a reference, one square kilometer is equivalent to 135 football fields!

Get 3D as rich as the world we live in

Give an immersive twist to your projects. Communicate, convince and speed-up your processes.