3D streaming library

Stream large-scale georeferenced 3D models on the web like never before

Build geospatial applications with an open-source, geo-reference capable, ThreeJS-based JavaScript library

Photorealistic 3D model of Zermatt

Work with your own 3D data

Upload your 3D models to convert them into a web-friendly format and get them ready for optimal online streaming on any device.

img library oder 3D scaled

Order high-resolution 3D data from Nomoko

We provide high-fidelity city models to be used together with the library.

img library host

Host on the cloud

We host your 3D data for quick, efficient, and secure use in your application.

Photorealistic 3D data with contextual information from Mapbox

Blend with contextual data

Combine your data with the global coverage of Mapbox maps and show where your data fits into the world.

img library blend – 0

Build the next-gen immersive experiences with photorealistic 3D