Computer with code and 3D model

3D Streaming SDK

Stream large-scale and georeferenced photorealistic 3D on the web like never before

Solar panel app with 3D house

Empower your web apps with immersive real-world 3D with our Three.JS-based SDK

Integrate our 3D streaming technology into your own platform. Your users will be able to consume large 3D models by only downloading the geometries of the level of detail that have relevant visual impact, thus significantly reducing the dependency on the end users’ hardware capability.

img library oder 3D scaled

No 3D data? We’ve got you covered.

Order high-resolution photorealistic 3D data from Nomoko, on demand or via catalog. We provide high-fidelity city models produced from drone photogrammetry, at a resolution of up to 1.5 cm GSD, to be used together with the SDK.

img library host

Host on the cloud

We host your 3D data for quick, efficient, and secure use in your application.

Photorealistic 3D data with contextual information from Mapbox

Blend with contextual GIS data

With the Mapbox plug-in, combine your data with the global coverage of Mapbox maps and show where your 3D data fits into the world. Add Google Photorealistic 3D tiles to create 3D visualization experiences with data from over 2500 cities across 49 countries (under experimental release).

Don’t settle just for 2D or low-quality 3D maps for your applications

High-performance streaming

The highest level of quality-performance balance: Developed and optimized to stream 1.5 cm-GSD city-scale models

Scalability & flexibility

The SDKs architecture is scalable, enabling it to handle increasingly large and complex 3D datasets, while keeping use-based cost structure for any type of users – you pay as your usage grows (paid tiers will be released in November 2023).

Cross-platform compatibility

Large-scale georeferenced 3D made accessible to the large community of app makers:
– The SDK is ThreeJS-native which makes it compatible with a wide range of web applications.
– The Mapbox plugin further simplifies the integration with Mapbox-based apps.

The solution for web developers to enhance the UX of geospatial apps by leveraging photorealistic 3D data

ImmoScout Integration for Nomoko Platform

Real estate listing services

Utilize 3D to provide visual site context and empower the end-user in the decision process.

View of 3D model of Lake Ägeri

Resorts, theme parks and events

Interactive, informative, and realistic 3D maps enhance user experience, improve security planning, increase perceived value and attract more customers.

visualization of floor potential of building


Provide greater transparency from planning to realization, allowing all stakeholders – including investors, business owners, construction teams, and government officials – to collaborate on future development projects.

Digital Twin of Fällanden

Smart City

Building a city-scale digital twin requires enormous datasets. The 3D streaming SDK enables efficient web streaming without losing quality, allowing the digital twin builder to fully focus on delivering value without worrying about bandwidth and performance.


Technical documentation

Follow the quickstart guide to start using the SDK.

Build the next-gen immersive experiences with real-life 3D