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Our mission is to make the world machine readable and unleash the true potential of our digital future.

A vision for a brighter future

Popular culture would often have us believe the future is bleak – a science fiction dystopia where humankind is subjugated by the very machines we’ve created. But that’s not the future we see.

Instead, informed optimism rules our day-to-day. We see a utopian future where humans, machines and the technology that connects us come together in perfect harmony – a seamless real-world interaction that serves our needs as well as those of every creature on the planet. And even the planet itself, for that matter.

This way of thinking applies to few people more than our founders, Nilson and Vincent, whose vision of the future framed by that limitless optimism is what drove Nomoko into being back in 2015.

“The world itself can be our new user interface to limitless digital experiences, services and apps.”

Hosting an event, workshop or conference? Our founders Nilson and Vincent can bring the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Mirror World to life, explore the vast industrial and commercial possibilities and talk startups, investment and team building to make it happen. Find out more in our founder profiles

Meet the team

Individually we are engineers, developers, designers, mechanics, marketers, pilots, financiers, entrepreneurs and more. Together, we’re building a new world.

We believe in the power of...
By embracing diversity and equality we create a culture of open-mindedness that acts as a catalyst for innovation, growth and learning. With this in mind we design responsibly with new models of governance and user choice.
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We’re not in this alone and we don’t want to be. By collaborating with the right people we can think bigger, build faster, take responsibility and deliver smarter to make sure the Mirror World is for everyone.
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To build a new world and power the Fourth Industrial Revolution we need to think big, dare to act and inspire others to join us on our journey. Small steps and a grand vision can take us a long way to building a better future.
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Frequently asked questions
You have seen us fly with a drone in your neighborhood. What are we doing?
As per our website, our aim is to build what is called a 'Mirror World'. This means, generating accurate 3D models at city scale and distribute those through a platform that makes it possible for users to interact with them and build applications on top of them. As a part of the creation process, we fly with drones and take 2D images at city scale.
Is it allowed to fly with a drone over a city?
We are aware of the restrictions that apply to the use of drones and take them seriously. As far as our activities in Switzerland are concerned, we can confirm that we obtained the liability insurance as required under Swiss law (Article 20 of the Swiss DETEC Ordinance on Special Category Aircraft), always maintain visual contact with the drones and keep at least 100 meters distance from crowds (Article 17 of the Swiss DETEC Ordinance on Special Category Aircraft).
What about flying over your property? Are we allowed to do this?
With regard to private properties, there is no legal minimum flight altitude under Swiss law. Therefore the drone would have to fly at a very low altitude in order to violate the rights of the property owners. Our drones usually fly at a height of 100 meters and thus far above the ground. As our drones weigh less than 30 kilogram, no permit is required under Swiss law (Article 14 Swiss DETEC Ordinance on Special Category Aircraft).
What about your privacy?
The pictures taken by our drones do not make individuals recognizable. Therefore the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection is not applicable. Before we take our drones to countries other than Switzerland, we always strive to make due inquiries as to the applicable laws and regulations in order to operate our drones in a safe and compliant way. In case you believe you have spotted a drone that does not comply with applicable law or if you have any other concerns, please contact us under:
Are we in contact with local authorities?
We are in direct contact with the local Police and local authorities. They are informed about the location we are flying over, when we are flying, for how long and who are the pilots. We are following closely the evolution of local drone legislation and regulations and are working together with FOCA/SORA to always follow the highest standard of operations and to ensure the safety related to drone operations in densely populated areas.
Awards & grants

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 874079