Efficient urban planning with 3D models

Photorealistic 3D models for efficient urban planning

Reduce the time, effort, and cost for urban development projects, for better and more livable cities

For a smarter, faster, better informed and more collaborative urban planning

quick integration

Save time, today and tomorrow   

A photorealistic 3D model of your area of interest can be rapidly created and be reused, adapted and extended for various development needs.

The perfect tool for your internal development or local planning revision.

better decisions

Improve decision-making

Add your own data, designs, and construction templates to your municipality’s 3D model and visualize planned development projects in your neighborhood.

Test different project variations and find out how they would impact your community.

This will help you make more informed decisions that ensure better results and a higher satisfaction among your residents.

inspire audience

Involve and inspire

Involve all parties in the project or affected by it in the planning process.

Create transparency.

Communicate compelling and inspiring stories using our vivid 3D visualizations.

How 3D models improve and speed-up building permit cases

2D map of Geneva

2D maps and plans

The lack of the third dimension in 2D maps and plans makes them less useful as evidence in building objections, as they fail to properly visualize the spatial impact of the building in its surroundings.

photographer rendering photo of real estate property

Photo renderings

Traditional building objections to prove for example a project’s impact on a lake view, or the perception of the volumetric impact on a neighborhood are still very costly.

3D representation of Zurich city

Abstract 3D models

Models provided by public open data from the municipality do not give a good understanding of the building’s impact to its surroundings.

story poles around a building

Story poles

Using story poles to predict the volumetric impact of a building requires physical construction on site, which is time-consuming, costly, and difficult to interpret.

Solution with Nomoko 3D services

3D model of neighborhood in Zurich
zoom in area for viewing 1

Realistic view impact evaluations

Evaluate the view impact of a new build and provide all parties with a human perspective of the impact that projects will have on their experience, as realistic as if they were already there.

volumetric model of building 1

Simplified feasibility studies with volumetric models

Keep stakeholders and communities visually informed to provide transparency and promote acceptance.

examine legal issues building

Enhanced legal communication

A better communication tool to reduce the amount of pleas and objections and speed up case resolutions at low cost.

aerial view of muinicipality of Fällanden

Use case : the Municipality of Fällanden

The Swiss municipality of Fällanden (ZH) leveraged 3D models for their communal development project to offer their population an interactive visualization of the newly planned buildings. Thanks to the resulting clarity, they have achieved a faster and more participatory decision-making process.

Navigate through the 3D Digital Twin of Fällanden


Use case : the Municipality of Sirnach

The Swiss municipality of Sirnach communicated the new guiding principle for uniform spatial planning to its population, using Nomoko’s 3D services.

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“Nomoko simply has a higher quality standard than its competitors in terms of aesthetics. Its realistic and up-to-date visualizations make it much easier to assess spatial situations.”

Marcel Muri, Managing Director of KEEAS

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