Contextualizing the development of a new neighborhood 

A new neighborhood in Luxembourg is springing up soon. The scale of such a big project is hard to grasp without its spatial context. Discover how a 3D digital twin helped.

Planning a whole new neighborhood

Bonnevoie is a residential, lively, cosmopolitan, and historical district, located behind the central station in Luxembourg. Brooklyn is the first milestone of the “New Bonnevoie”, a district composed of residences, offices, shops, and professional premises for a harmonious district. The project plans more than 120 apartments, 5.000m² of offices, and 1.000m² of commercial areas.

Brooklyn is implementing Carlos Moreno’s “quarter-hour city” concept, so that every resident can find everything they need to thrive within 15 minutes of home: work, play, shopping, school, family activities, doctor’s appointments, sports, park walks, etc.

To prove that to the public, the real estate developer in charge, Eaglestone, had an innovative urban vision: embedding the architectural project into a contextual 3D environment. They called on Nomoko.

Creating a holistic view of the project in 3D

Forming the imagination of a new development project based on plans is very difficult for many people, especially for non-professionals. 3D renderings on the other hand offer only a certain perspective and lead to uncertainties.

3D models of the environment offer the immersive tool required to easily visualize and share the project with any stakeholder.

With the 3D model on their website, Eaglestone lets anyone to navigate through the project and experience it as if they were there in the future, giving a full contextualization to the project.

Eaglestone project

EagleStone collaborates with Nomoko to create immersive 3D models for the new Brooklyn district in Luxembourg

The result can be explored on the Brooklyn project’s website.

“3D digital twins are a unique opportunity to tell a story and allow anyone to navigate through the project and experience it as if they were there in the future, putting the project in context,”

Gisèle Lippolis, EagleStone Residential Sales Manager

Nomoko has developed the most advanced pipeline for the creation of 3D replicas to seamlessly integrate CAD models, streamlining communication with all stakeholders and ultimately planning better cities together.

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