How a digital twin transforms the real estate industry around Lake Zürich

Walde Immobilien AG streamlined planning, enhanced virtual tours, and accelerated sales with Kilchberg’s 3D model.

In the highly competitive world of real estate, innovation can play a vital role in streamlining processes and improving customer experiences. In a pioneering partnership, Walde Immobilien AG, a leading real estate company, has recently joined forces with Nomoko, to embark on a digital transformation journey that promises to reshape building planning. With the creation of a digital twin of Kilchberg, this first project exemplifies the future of real estate development.

Capturing Kilchberg digitally

The project commenced when Walde Immobilien AG and the well-known building contractor XANIA real estate Zurich entrusted Nomoko with the task of developing a digital twin of Kilchberg regarding a new construction project. The state-of-the-art drone technology was utilized to capture detailed images of the area during a two-hour aerial survey. These images formed the foundation for the creation of the digital twin, ensuring an accurate and comprehensive representation of the site.

With the imagery collected, the Nomoko automatic data processing technology meticulously transformed the raw images into a sophisticated 3D model. Together with the construction project’s CAD received from the architect’s office, the project was completed in just a few weeks.

Advanced features for enhanced planning

One of the standout features of the 3D model is its georeferenced nature: Walde Immobilien’s commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience is exemplified by the incorporation of View Points within the construction project’s 3D model. These View Points enable potential buyers to visualize and evaluate the view from each floor and balcony of the future house. By simulating different perspectives, potential buyers can make more informed decisions, ensuring complete satisfaction with their prospective investment.

Moreover, brokers gain also an additional advantage in pricing based on the detailed insights provided by the georeferenced 3D model of the property. With a comprehensive and realistic representation, brokers can accurately assess its value and align it with market trends, ensuring fair pricing and improved market positioning.

3D view of the lake of Zurich

View of the lake from the balcony on the third floor

The tangible benefits of a digital twin

The introduction of the digital twin brought forth numerous benefits for the real estate brokers and stakeholders. The incorporation of this realistic representation of properties minimizes the necessity for physical staging, significantly reducing costs and saving 15 to 20% of the time required to close a deal. Additionally, the digital twin empowers brokers to provide immersive virtual tours, allowing potential buyers to explore properties remotely. With the digital twin in place, Walde Immobilien has witnessed properties being sold faster, through a better communication process with the future owners, revolutionizing the traditional sales process.

A trustworthy partnership

Walde Immobilien has expressed immense satisfaction with the prompt delivery of the digital twin. The efficiency and accuracy showcased by Nomoko have instilled a sense of trust, further solidifying their decision to work closely with Nomoko on future endeavors.

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