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Digital Twins: The revolutionary tool for real estate lawyers

Exploring the ways in which digital twins are transforming the legal processes of real estate


As the world moves increasingly towards the digital era, it is also important for law professionals to keep up. Digital twins are quickly becoming a revolutionary tool for real estate lawyers, as they offer precise and accurate representations of physical properties in an easy to share format.

This cutting-edge technology can be used to streamline legal processes, improve communication and workflows, and reduce the risk of errors and misunderstandings.

What are digital twins in real estate?

A digital twin is a digital replica of a physical asset, such as a building or a whole neighborhood, that can be used to simulate and analyze its performance and behavior. Nomoko creates photorealistic digital twins thanks to drone images. This technology and outputs can be used by a variety of professionals.

3D model of Davos hospital

3D models are a powerful tool when supporting arguments or negotiating deals

How can lawyers benefit from digital twins?

There are several ways that digital twins can help lawyers in their work. Some of the key advantages include:


Instead of relying on 2D blueprints and handmade models, the properties can be presented in an interactive and intuitive 3D model. Different scenarios can be displayed, such as shadows, weather simulations, or floor potential.

Improved communication

The 3D digital twins can be easily shared with all the parties that are involved in a legal transaction via web browsers. By viewing and analyzing the exact same data, transparency is ensured, communication and collaboration are improved and the risk of misunderstanding is reduced.

Streamline processes and legal documentation

Digital twins can be used to create detailed, accurate and easily accessible information and records of properties, which can be used to support legal documentation, such as contracts, property deeds, and lease agreements. They can also speed up legal processes and aid legal transactions and negotiations.

Virtual walkthroughs

3D Digital Twins can be used to create virtual walkthroughs of buildings or neighborhoods. All the parties can assess the visual and landscape impact of new construction and get a concrete perspective of the impact the project will have, as realistically as if they were there.

3D model of planned building

3D visualizations of planned buildings can assist in ensuring compliance with local planning and zoning regulations

How digital twins are used in real estate law cases

Some of the most common ways to use digital twins in real estate law include:

Property due diligence

Digital twins can be used to simulate and analyze the property in its environment, before it is built. This helps lawyers to identify potential issues and risks, such as compliance with building codes and zoning regulations, before the building process.

Dispute resolution

Digital twins can be used to create realistic and accurate records of properties, which can be used as evidence in legal disputes, such as boundary disputes or property damage claims.


Digital Twins can be used to identify potential risks and hazards that can help in creating insurance policies. They can be used to assess the validity of a legal claim, evaluate the claims of damage or loss of property, and to determine the appropriate level of coverage.

Lease and contract management

Lawyers can use Digital Twins to better understand the potential risks and liabilities associated with a property, which can help them to make more informed decisions about how to protect their clients’ interests during lease and contract negotiations.

Real estate property parameters to be considered

Modern technologies can assist real estate professionals in evaluating various parameters that need to be taken into consideration

In a nutshell

3D Digital twins have already proven to be a revolutionary tool for real estate lawyers as they allow buildings analysis in ways that were previously not possible, helping to make more informed decisions about how to best manage and protect their clients’ properties. As technology continues to evolve, digital twins will become an increasingly important tool for real estate lawyers.

Nomoko’s 3D services provide real estate lawyers with accurate 3D representations of properties and neighborhoods. Legal teams now have a powerful tool to speed up dispute resolutions and building permit acquisitions, and therefore shorten the overall buildings construction time, saving time and money for their clients.

See how 3D models improve and speed-up building permit cases in an infographic summary:

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