Roberto Peinado Illana - Head of technology at Nomoko
Roberto Peinado Illana

From intern to head of technology in five years

A career development story


Hi there! My name is Roberto, Head of Technology at Nomoko. I have worked here since 2016, and this is the story of my career.

I have grown professionally and personally at Nomoko, evolving from Mechanical Engineer Intern to the Head of Technology in less than 5 years! I am happy to share some of my learnings and secrets behind my professional development.

After working for more than two years in a big aviation company, I decided to look for a new challenge with a shorter chain of command, more impact on the decision-making processes and closer to the users. This is what brought me to Nomoko in the summer of 2016, as a Mechanical Engineer intern. Without a doubt, the company vision and people were what captivated and inspired me to join – in fact I wanted to be part of Nomoko so much, that four hours of daily commute to work from Vorarlberg (Austria) to Zurich (Switzerland) was not going to stop me.

During my time as a Nomokian I have been working on challenging projects such as the development of a multi-sensor camera system or the development of an automated 3D photogrammetry pipeline, able to process thousands of images at once and produce high resolution 3D models. As my career progressed, I became involved in overarching topics such as the interoperability of Digital Twins or the development of the Nomoko platform with multi-disciplinary challenges and interdisciplinary team set-up.

Yet, as Rocky Balboa would say: “The world is not all sunshine and rainbows”, to which Nomoko and the startup world are no exception. Diamonds are created under pressure and indeed, it is an environment of constant change and uncertainty that pushes you to your limits, but also brings out the best in you. A clear example of this was 2020… Hello COVID. The pandemic brought the economy to a standstill. Nomoko’s resilience was tested and sustaining the technology team spirit and motivation proved to be one of the most difficult challenges in my working life until now. In the end, we did not let it get us down and we are now looking back on these times laughing. While it was tough at times, it reformed our working methods and regulations in a fundamental way and transformed Nomoko into a true future-proof company.

If I had to name one reason that has kept me at Nomoko for so long, undoubtedly, it would be the culture and vision of the company. I have met people who are not afraid to dream big. I have encountered a culture that challenges you in every interaction and expects you to do the same. It is a culture of growth and failure is just another obstacle on the way to success. The symbiosis I have with the company culture and vision is the secret recipe of my career at Nomoko: we embrace the unknown and consistently deliver results, even in times of uncertainty.

No matter how steep the slopes become, my team will always have my back and helps me to grow in every aspect of my life.

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