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Markus Hongler joins Nomoko board of directors

June 29, 2022

Zürich, Switzerland, June 29, 2022 — Nomoko, the Digital Twin company, announces the appointment of Markus Hongler to its board of directors.

Markus Hongler, Ex-Mobiliar CEO, is a Board Member of various companies. He serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Luzerner Kantonalbank among others

Hongler’s appointment will bring decades of experience in corporate leadership and completes Nomoko’s Board as it prepares to become a leading digital twin platform for real estate internationally.

Hongler commented: ” Nomoko is in a key position to unlock untapped potential in the digitization of real estate and enable new value creation opportunities for businesses. I am delighted to partner with Nomoko’s team on their growth journey.”

Nilson Kufus, CEO and Co-Founder of Nomoko reacted: “Markus is a brilliant strategist when it comes to go-to-market and growth. Additionally, he brings along a great experience in the Swiss insurance and banking industries – both being of strategic importance for the real estate ecosystem and economy.”

As Nomoko continues to evolve, the board is committed to regularly evaluating its composition to ensure the right mix of skills and experience to advance Nomoko’s goals. While Hongler joins alongside Michel Demaré, Elian Kool and Robin Lingg, Thierry Fromes and Philip Loewen are leaving the board as of June 23rd, 2022. Michel Demaré, Board Chairman concluded, “On behalf of the entire Board, we thank Thierry and Philip for their valuable perspective and commitment over the past years.”

Marcus Hongler Board of Directors

Markus Hongler, among others, is a Chairman of the Board of Directors of Luzerner Kantonalbank, was CEO of Mobiliar Versicherungen and Vice President of the Scout 24 Group

About Markus Hongler

Markus Hongler was CEO of Mobiliar Versicherungen from 2011-2020 and Vice President of the Scout 24 Group from 2016-2020. Prior to that, he worked for Zurich Insurance in Switzerland and abroad for 30 years. He has been Chairman of the Board of Directors of Luzerner Kantonalbank since 2021.

About Nomoko

Nomoko is a Swiss startup headquartered in Zürich, with offices in Luxembourg and Madrid, whose mission is to make the physical world machine-readable thanks to Digital Twins. Siloed tools and scattered data create fractured processes that slow down digital real estate innovations uptake. To transform the world’s biggest financial asset class, Nomoko develops a unique Digital Twin platform combining the power of PropTech solutions and public data into smart searchable property maps. The most informed real estate investment decisions can be done now in a few clicks.

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