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New features on Nomoko Platform

January 2023

New year, new features!

The Nomoko Platform is getting two new features that further enrich it with crucial information to enable better decision-making for real estate professionals:

Photorealistic 3D layer

Long awaited and finally here!

You are no longer restricted to the abstract 3D view when exploring buildings and environment. From now on, you can effortlessly switch to the photorealistic 3D mode and experience properties and their surroundings in full high-resolution glory.

St. George Church Küsnacht in photorealistic 3D

St. George Church Küsnacht in photorealistic 3D

Enjoy discovering the properties of Switzerland at an unprecedented level of detail that you won’t find anywhere else.

Starting out, our 3D coverage focusses on the Gold coast of Zurich and includes Zollikon and Küsnacht. We will gradually roll out other regions in photorealistic 3D to cover the 10 biggest cities of Switzerland.

Check out our video of the photorealistic 3D layer in action.

ImmoScout24 Integration

To offer you even more comprehensive insights into the Swiss property market, the Nomoko Platform now integrates data from one of Switzerland’s leading real estate marketplaces: ImmoScout24.

Thanks to this cooperation, you will now find the following major improvements on our platform:

  • Know whether a property is on the market. Our new Market layer allows you to quickly spot all properties in your area of interest that are available for renting or buying on
  • See the actual images of both exterior and interior for all the properties where we have data.
  • Dive deeper into the real estate objects you are interested in by studying their provided history that includes information on current status, last renovation, rental/sales price, days on the market and advertiser.
  • See if a property offers facilities like elevators, parking etc., to help you narrow down your search for suitable real estate.

[Corrigendum 22.06.2023: the live-feed content from ImmoScout is no longer available]

ImmoScout Integration for Nomoko Platform

Example of a property listing enriched with ImmoScout24 data on Nomoko Platform

December 2022 release:

3D maps

Experience the first version of Nomoko Platform’s 3D maps!

Our new 3D layer allows you to gain additional contextual information about a property and its surrounding terrain. Get a better understanding of the height of a building, the potential view it offers and how its neighborhood feels like.

While using the 3D mode, you can still access the known place markers to dive deeper into the data of a specific property you are interested in.

Important: For the time being, 3D for buildings is only available in the “Abstract” layer. In the next release, we will roll out photorealistic versions for properties and vegetation to provide you with even more spatial context. Stay tuned!

Empty plot finder

The Nomoko Platform is no longer restricted to just properties! You can now also find currently available empty plots within entire Switzerland that fit your criteria for construction land.

Simply filter by your desired area and choose a plot size range to obtain an overview of the parcels of land that might be eligible for potential building projects.

Once you have found a suitable plot, analyze and contextualize it further via our legal info tab and zonal map layers to see if the parcel could be a fit for your project.

Upgraded legal tab

Find complete and accurate legal data on Swiss properties of your choice within seconds.

Instead of visiting each cantonal GIS portal separately, you can now directly access needed legal information of a property on the Nomoko Platform: from lot number to EGRID to land registry to OEREB, all basic legal information is right there prepared for you in the tab. Digging through page-long PDFs becomes a thing of the past!

The legal data is provided by the different cantonal GIS portals and therefore of high authority (a few cantons are however not fully covered yet due to limited data accessibility).

For access to the full legal data, we provide download links to all relevant legal basis and provision documents as well.

Read the full release notes here for more details.

Already tried the new features? Tell us if you would be willing to share your feedback with us!

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