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Nomoko launches world’s first co-ownership community for Digital Twins of cities

Press release, December 13, 2022

Zurich, Switzerland, December 13, 2022: Nomoko, the Digital Twin company, today announces a new opportunity for anyone to co-own digital 3D replicas of land to change the way we see, live and communicate in the city of tomorrow.

Through cutting-edge drone technology, Nomoko captures images and reconstructs large-scale urban areas into photorealistic 3D digital twins. The uniquely high-resolution models are divided into tiles of 400 x 400 meters that can be co-owned by anyone.

By co-owning a Digital Twin of selected territory, co-owners get to participate in all the products and services revenue streams that occur on the digital representation of their invested area. While existing use cases focus on urban and real estate development, Digital Twins will also fuel various other applications including AR/VR, tourism, advertising and gaming.

As part of the co-ownership community, co-owners can further benefit by playing an active role as ambassadors, and either promote 3D services or further grow the co-owners’ community. In both cases, they are rewarded with revenue-sharing opportunities depending on their contribution.

Nilson Kufus, CEO and Co-founder of Nomoko comments: “We are very excited to bring the co-ownership program to forward-thinking people globally and drive the digitization of the physical world together as a community. This is an important milestone towards our vision: to enable anyone to participate in the creation of a machine-readable world through Digital Twins.” He adds: “Our aim is to build a community that will co-own the digital world and promote its use, with a decentralized vision where data is not in the hands of a single company.”

Nomoko has already captured the ten biggest Swiss cities in high-resolution 3D. Tiles are ready for purchase throughout Switzerland. And this is just the beginning as pre-orders are now also open for the rest of the world.

Be a Digital Twin pioneer. Join the journey towards a digitized and machine-readable world: sign up at and take part in the community.

Learn more on how the co-ownership program works in the video below:

About Nomoko
Nomoko is a startup headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland, with offices in Luxembourg and Madrid. Its mission is to make the physical world machine-readable through Digital Twins. Starting with real estate, the world’s biggest asset class, Nomoko developed a unique Digital Twin platform combining its photorealistic 3D aerial models with comprehensive property market datasets. Better-informed real estate development and investment decisions can now be made with a few clicks.

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