The future of Digital Twins – Nomoko on the Drone Radio Show 

From data capture to business cases, Nomoko founder and CEO Nilson Kufus chats about all things digital twins

What are some of the most promising applications for digital twins? What will make digital twins flourish in the marketplace? What role does georeferenced 3D data play in all this? The latest episode of the Drone Radio Show features Nomoko founder and CEO Nilson Kufus, who talks about the future of digital twins and the experience Nomoko has in providing powerful, real-world 3D data at scale.

Some of the highlights of the interview:

  • The vision of rich, up-to-date, and scalable 3D data
  • The advantages (and challenges) of using drones to capture data for high-resolution 3D
  • The power of digital twins to visualize plans and future projects
  • Real-world 3D data and privacy
  • The importance of making 3D data accessible at scale for digital twins to flourish

…and much more!

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