Nomoko platform interface

Nomoko platform gets powerful new features for real estate professionals

We’ve added favorites folders, data-based price estimations and data layers for noise levels and parking.

Nomoko platform just got an upgrade!

We work iteratively – our teams of designers, developers, data analysts and industry partners constantly collaborating to refine Praedia’s features and functionality and increase the volume and quality of the data that powers it.

The decisions we make and upgrades we incorporate are data and feedback based, driven by the input from our customers and users. Here’s what we’ve updated in our June release.

Praedia is now renamed to Nomoko Platform

What’s new in Nomoko Platform?

Save and sort your favorite properties

We’ve added folder functionality so you can now create folders to group and organize properties you’re interested in by project. Just hit the heart icon on any property tile and you’ll be able to add that property to an existing folder or create a new one.

You can access all your favorites folders at any time by selecting the heart icon in the top right-hand corner of the map (just above the data layers icon).

Get data-based price estimations

This amazing feature provides an estimated price range per square meter for properties based on historical transaction data for residential real estate sales across the canton of Zürich. We calculate this expected price range using a machine learning model trained on anonymized data provided by the Swiss Real Estate Datapool (better known as SRED), which is then refined by many parameters to make it as accurate as possible.

Being able to utilise this kind of market intelligence and focus it into a simple, accurate and effective feature is what makes Nomoko Platform such a powerful tool for real estate investors, developers and other industry professionals.

Parking and noise level data layers

If you know Zürich, you know that parking can be a nightmare and should be a major factor in any property purchase decision. We’ve now added a parking data layer to Nomoko Platform showing covered and uncovered parking areas in the city, from roadside parking spots to multi-story car parks, as well as the city-delineated white and blue parking zones.

The noise data layer shows, as you might expect, the levels of noise pollution across Zürich broken down into tiers of loudness measured in A-weighted decibels (represented as dBA). The dBA measurement uses a weighted scale that closely approximates how the human ear hears. For example, 100 decibels (dB) at a 100Hz frequency is perceived to have a loudness equal to 80dB at 1,000Hz.

Both new data layers appear under the data layers icon in the top right-hand corner of the map and feature clear legends showing how they appear in the map.

How does Nomoko Platform help real estate professionals?

Nomoko Platform is a web platform that harnesses the power of Digital Twins to help developers, investors and real estate professionals find, analyze and contextualize new real estate projects quickly, easily and cost effectively.

Built by Nomoko, we think it’s the next step in the digitalization of the real estate industry and a giant leap in the application of technology to drive better user experiences. It uses Digital Twins to create unrivalled market insight, inform data-driven decision making, speed up and refine property search and streamline investor and developer workflows.

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