3D model of Bern

Nomoko captures 10 biggest Swiss cities in high-res 3D and lays the ground for further expansion

We have captured and modelled the ten biggest Swiss cities in high-resolution 3D

Our drone pilots have been busy like bees over the last months. They conducted countless flights all over urban Switzerland and covered lots of ground.

And here we are: We have achieved the major milestone of capturing the 10 biggest cities of Switzerland in high-resolution 3D!

This ambitious operation to create a digital twin for each city has been Nomoko’s first goal towards a machine-readable world.

While the real estate industry was long known for being rather conservative when it comes to going digital, that is finally changing. The sector is now in the midst of a dramatic digital transformation, and we are just getting started.

Photorealistic 3D digital twins will be a key part driving this change. They not only enable city officials, urban planners, real estate developers and architects to plan new urban development projects more efficiently. They can also simulate the impact of new buildings on the environment accurately and increase the participation of the population through vivid visualizations. Ultimately, they will enable us to build better, more sustainable cities.

That was one of the reasons why we created the Nomoko platform (try it here) and are now going to complement it with high-resolution 3D digital twins.

Our 3D digital twin capabilities are not restricted to Switzerland and real estate. We are now able to scale our operations to Europe, with first projects in Germany, France and Luxembourg.

Interested in building the future in 3D? Our Digital Twin experts are happy to schedule a free consultation with you and lay out how we could help you take your business to a new level with high-res 3D! 

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