3D model of Sirnach municipality

A glimpse into the future for unified building planning

How the municipality of Sirnach communicates a new guiding principle for uniform spatial planning with Nomoko's help.

18 Oct 2022

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The fundamental problem and its solution

The municipality of Sirnach in Thurgau was confronted with an intriguing problem in its future architectural planning: Since the surrounding landscape made it difficult for the municipality to expand, the already existing building space had to be condensed for spatial expansion. In order to avoid “simply filling in gaps with new buildings”, those responsible drew up a spatial model and asked us for support in communicating it.

Focal points that had it all

Some of the 7,767 inhabitants of the municipality of Sirnach will have listened with irritation to the keyword “spatial model”, since such a model has the potential to affect their freedom of ownership. It was therefore all the more important to find a way to communicate all future building plans in a clearly visible and comprehensible manner in order to allay the fears of drastic restrictions and changes among those affected.

From enquiry to implementation

We were contacted in August 2021. From mid-September to the end of November of the same year, we subsequently let our drones circle over Sirnach. Almost unnoticed by the population in terms of noise complaints, we took around 6800 pictures in 8K resolution and then digitally merged them into a 3D model. Although our work took place in the autumn months, our models allow for season-independent representations as well as various weather & sunlight simulations.

Drone view of Sirnach municipality

The 3D model helps the expansion of Sirnach municipality

The presentation

As you can read in the following article of the Ostschweizer-Tagblatt (in German), the presentation of the spatial model and our visualisation was met with great interest.

“The question and answer session lasted almost as long as the presentation itself.”

Those responsible described the event as a success and are already working on the first buildings that will soon be brought to life on the 3D model we created for them.

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