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Become a Digital Twin
co-owner with Nomoko

Drive the digitization of the physical world to change the way we see, live and communicate in the city of tomorrow

Be at the forefront of an emerging machine-readable world

Real estate business

Digitize the built world with us

The digital transformation of cities has been slow.

It still relies on using outdated tools like 2D maps, plans and scattered data for decision making.

That’s why Nomoko develops a Digital Twin platform that makes the built world easier to understand.


Become part of an innovative community

The world is moving towards 3D: from data consumption to simulations to planning.

Nomoko has the technology that is required to model the physical world in 3D at scale thanks to drones.

To succeed, we believe in the power of a global community of forward-thinking individuals that helps promote this vision.

Better than competitors

Benefit from revenue-sharing

By co-owning a Digital Twin of a selected land, you get to participate in all the product and services revenue streams that occur on the digital representation of your invested area.

While existing use cases focus on urban and real estate development, Digital Twins will also fuel various other applications including AR/VR, tourism, advertising, gaming, and more.

3D model of Zurich suburban area

Co-own a piece of digital land

Nomoko gives you the opportunity to co-own Digital Twins of high potential urban areas. The 10 biggest cities in Switzerland are now ready to purchase, but we are also taking preorders for the rest of the world!


One tile

CHF 1000
(excl. VAT)

Six tiles

CHF 5000
(excl. VAT)


The journey towards a digitized and machine-readable world

The Digital Twin creation process

We capture images with drones and reconstruct large-scale urban areas into photorealistic 3D digital twins

Orthophoto with tiles

Dividing the digital world in tiles

The uniquely high-resolution models from drone images are divided into tiles of 400 x 400 meters that can be co-owned by anyone.

Orthophoto with tiles
Revenue from architect cad model

What’s in it for you?

Co-owners get to participate in all the products and services revenue streams that occur on the digital representation of their invested area.

Revenue from architect cad model
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Interested to become a Digital Twin co-owner?
Let us know and our team will get back to you in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Anyone who believes and wants to participate in the digitalization of our world.

A tile is a square grid of 400m x 400m that contains the digital representation of a real-world urban area.

Our Digital Twins are created by first taking drone images of the areas to be covered and then applying photogrammetry algorithms in order convert them into photorealistic 3D models.

No. While the currently available for purchase tiles are restricted to Switzerland, it’s already possible to pre-order tiles for the rest of the world!

You should express your interest in a different location to the Nomoko team at and we will get back to you.

The entry ticket for a tile in Switzerland is 1’000 CHF (excl. VAT). Buy 6 tiles and pay only 5’000 CHF (excl. VAT).

Once you’ve invested, you’ll be onboarded into the co-owners community. You’ll learn everything about Nomoko, its services and how you can make your co-ownership profitable.

Digital Twins can be used and re-used by various industries. Currently, they are mostly applied in the real estate sector for 3D planning, visualization, communication, and investment purposes. However, many other applications in areas such as gaming, AR/VR or tourism are also imaginable.

A cluster is a set of tiles covering a defined area in Switzerland. We have created 10 clusters representing the ten largest Swiss cities (see map). Revenues generated on any tile in the area of a given cluster will then be shared proportionally amongst co-owners.

20% of the generated revenue on a cluster will be shared amongst the co-owners. For instance, if you have 5% of Geneva, you’ll receive 1% of the total revenue generated in this area.

On average, a 3D services project is at minimum of 3’000 CHF. The total expected revenue relies on Nomoko and the community’s success. It will then be shared depending on the number of co-owners in a cluster.

You can resell your tile. Nomoko has the priority right to acquire the tile, otherwise you can also sell it to an existing or new co-owner.

There is currently no limit on how many tiles can be owned by a single co-owner.

Share your interest in owning a tile with Nomoko! You’ll then be contacted by our Sales team that will arrange the contract. Payment is due by bank transfer within 15 days after the signature.

You can contact us at We’ll be delighted to answer any questions you may have.