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Unlocking the power of digital twins

Our mission is to make the world machine-readable and unleash the true potential of our digital future. And we will make this possible by connecting the physical and digital world by building the most accurate and up-to-date global 3D map that has ever existed.

The origins of Nomoko

Popular culture would often have us believe the future is bleak – a science fiction dystopia where humankind is subjugated by the very machines we’ve created. But that’s not the future we see.

Instead, informed optimism rules our day-to-day. We see a utopian future where humans, machines and the technology that connects us come together in perfect harmony – a seamless real-world interaction that serves our needs as well as those of every creature on the planet. And even the planet itself, for that matter.

This way of thinking applies to few people more than our founders, Nilson and Vincent, whose vision of the future framed by that limitless optimism is what drove Nomoko into being back in 2015.

This is our story

Sparking the Fourth Industrial Revolution by thinking spatial

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“The world itself can be our new user interface to limitless digital experiences, services and apps.”

Nilson Kufus, CEO

Our story

Nomoko company timeline

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Discover stories about our product, customers, partners and employees to build a sustainable and digital urban future.

Meet the board of directors

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Michel Demaré

Board chairman

Nilson Kufus

Nilson Kufus

CEO & cofounder

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Vincent Pedrini

CFO & cofounder

Markus Hongler

Markus Hongler

Meet the team

Individually we are engineers, developers, designers, marketers, pilots, financiers, entrepreneurs and more. Together, we’re building a new world.

Nomoko Team

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eBook: All about 3D data

Step into a world of limitless possibilities and get a clear and simple overview of complex topics such as photogrammetry, how 3D data is created and processed, and read about real-life use cases.