photorealistic 3D model of real estate property

Speed up real estate development with photorealistic 3D models and trustworthy data

Contextual 3D models to achieve the desired outcomes for your real estate development projects

How digital twins help real estate developers


Communicate better

Bring context and tell your real estate story beautifully with accurate, photorealistic 3D environmental models.

inspire audience

Inspire and convince

Let your clients interactively navigate your own designs and construction plans directly in their 3D environment as if they were already there.


Empowering real estate investment

With all the relevant and trustworthy data in one place, the Nomoko Platform helps you find properties with the right potential for your development goals.

3D model of Eaglestone project

Use case: Eaglestone

A new neighborhood in Luxembourg is springing up soon. The scale of such a big project is hard to grasp without its spatial context. Discover how a 3D digital twin helped.

Navigate through the 3D Digital Twin of the Brooklyn neighborhood in Luxembourg

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Building information

Real estate intelligence in one place

Researching and prospecting real estate investments has never been easier. The Nomoko Platform aggregates spatial data and location intelligence for real estate professionals delivering actionable insights.

Make better, data-driven decisions in a fraction of the time.

Nomoko 3D services

From data capture to 3D modeling, we create accurate and up-to date copies of the physical world

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