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Redefine travel and event management with immersive 3D

Use the power of photorealistic 3D data and digital twins for unforgettable experiences

3D in tourism

Interactive, informative, and immersive 3D models enhance visitor experience, streamline operations, and move projects forward faster and more efficiently.

Powerful marketing tool

Aim to revolutionize how to engage with visitors and let them virtually ride through your destination’s treasures and highlights. An immersive experience significantly enhances engagement and interest of travelers.


Operational efficiency and optimization

Real-world 3D models provide valuable insights into spatial layouts and terrains, enabling more efficient resource allocation, better facility planning, and overall operational streamlining.

Informed decision-making

Optimize your operations. Understand your ski slopes and the terrain surrounding them better, determine the ideal locations for beachfront venues or preserve historic sites with precision.

3D model of Laax

See 3D data in motion

Discover a life-like 3D representation of the Laax halfpipe, created only from drone images.

3D for event planning

How real-world 3D models improve event planning and offer dynamic optimizations and create interactive experiences

Create virtual representations of event spaces

Embrace the future of event planning with 3D models and transform the way venues are presented to clients and organizers. Maximize the use of available space, experiment with different layouts and make informed decisions.

Create captivating visual content

Use the 3D model to create photorealistic and immersive content for cost-effective marketing. A single 3D model is a thousand images and provides a variety of content that can be used and re-used for different communication channels to generate excitement.

Improve safety and prepare for emergencies

Identify exit routes, emergency equipment placement, and other safety considerations, ensuring the well-being of your attendees. With detailed spatial insights, you will be able to secure a worry-free event experience.

How we create real-life 3D data

Using photogrammetry technology, we transform thousands of drone images into photorealistic 3D models and digital twins. You can buy our pre-captured 3D data or order a custom project for your needs. We let drones fly to capture images, process them and provide you with the final mode

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Step into a world of limitless possibilities and learn more about 3D data and digital twins, as well as its real-life applications in the event and tourism industry in our new eBook.

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