Our 3D modeling process
We’ve built a unique process to create Digital Twins of the physical world at a much faster rate and in a more scalable way than existing methods at this level of accuracy. Entire cities in extreme detail in weeks, not months.
Data capture
With our dedicated drone team we capture and process all model data ourselves as aerial and street-level 2D images. To make our models scalable, we capture using a standardized grid system that you can customize to your needs.
3D reconstruction
We’ve developed our own process using photogrammetry to convert images into photorealistic textured 3D models that we optimize, simplify and clean so they’re easier for you to use.
Ready to use and reuse
The result is beautiful and versatile 3D models that are:

Real scale physical world models:

  • Geo-referenced
  • 5.4cm accuracy on X & Y axis
  • 11.6cm accuracy on Z axis
  • High and low poly mesh
  • High-res JPEG and PNG textures
• Ultra accurate

Objects are individually segmented:

  • Unique IDs
  • Editable
  • Semantically categorized
• Georeferenced

Categorized into four layers:

  • Ground
  • Vegetation
  • Buildings
  • Street assets and props
• Real scale
Ready to use in infinite amazing ways with applications across industries, integrate your CAD models and data or use third party data to meet your needs.
Custom simulations and outputs
With our ready to use add-ons we can create the outputs you want, from orthophotos and images to videos and specialist simulations – or use your 3D model to create your own. Talk to us and see what’s possible.
Be a part of it

We’re partnering with data providers, software developers and industry specialists to build the solutions that are shaping the future of business.

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Spatial data

Do you need access to Digital Twins at city scale to answer a business requirement? We can deliver the data you need.

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Spatial data

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