Spatial data
Our spatial data captures the richness, accuracy and complexity of the physical world in extreme detail and brings it to life in a digital environment.
  • Smart 3D models for your use case
    Our smart city-scale 3D models create unique use cases across industries and functionalities. Using

    Easy integration with your workflow:

    • Download in minutes
    • Customize with your data
    • V-Ray, Corona, Mental Ray
    • CAD & BIM, FBX & OBJ
    standard software you can explore and navigate, overlay and measure data, and manipulate them to visualize and analyze your own projects.
  • Our 3D modeling process
    We’ve built a unique process to create Digital Twins of the physical world at a much faster rate and in a more scalable way than existing methods at this level of accuracy. Entire cities in extreme detail in weeks, not months.
  • Data capture
    We capture and process all the model data ourselves, first as aerial and street level 2D images. And as we don’t use anyone else’s data we have full ownership and control, so you can use them how you want, as much as you want.
  • 3D reconstruction
    We’ve developed our own process using photogrammetry to convert images into textured 3D models, which we optimize, simplify and clean so they’re easier to use. To make them scalable, we capture and process using a standardized grid system that’s adjustable to your needs.
  • Geo-referenced & segmented 3D models
    The result is beautiful, smart 3D models that are:

    Real scale physical world models:

    • Geo-referenced
    • 5.4cm accuracy on X & Y axis
    • 11.6cm accuracy on Z axis
    • High and low poly mesh
    • High-res JPEG and PNG textures
    • Accurate & geo-referenced

    Objects are individually segmented:

    • Unique IDs
    • Editable
    • Semantically categorized
    • Object segmented

    Categorized into four layers:

    • Ground
    • Vegetation
    • Buildings
    • Street assets and props
    • Semantically categorized
    Machine-readable and writable, easy to edit and manipulate – our 3D models are now ready to use in infinite amazing ways.
  • Custom data overlays
    Overlay your 3D model with one of our ready-to-use data layers, integrate your own or use third party data to meet your needs. This can be dynamic data like cars, people and drones, or contextual data covering an entire area like environmental, behavioral and legal systems.
  • First we take Europe, then we take the world...
    With our offices in Zürich and Luxembourg, we've started capturing in the heart of Europe and are scaling in this part of the world first. But if you're interested in capturing somewhere else for your project, just let us know.
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    Spatial data

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    Spatial data

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    This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 874079