Spatial services

Bring projects to life with extraordinary 3D models

We capture your chosen location and integrate your designs into photorealistic environments that help you plan, design and visualize your projects.

Work smarter. Build better.

Explain ideas easily

Adapt your models to meet your use case and integrate them quickly and easily into your processes. Bring projects to life within their spatial context.

  • Use with your software

  • Integrate CAD models

  • FBX & OBJ file formats

  • Twinmotion & Unity

Make better decisions

Customize models with your own data, designs and construction templates to visualize, analyze and test iterations. Make data-driven decisions, develop faster and align stakeholder thinking.

  • Georeferenced

  • Real scale

Inspire your audience

Tell your story beautifully with ultra accurate, photorealistic 2D and 3D visuals at 1.25cm Ground Sample Distance (GSD) resolution –more than 10x better than Google.

  • Get videos & images

  • Fly-through & POV

  • High & low poly mesh

  • High-resolution textures

Our models are multi-purpose and reusable

Our spatial services are rooted in 3D models that offer a range of outputs for different industries, from real estate and architecture to government, municipal services and landscape design.

Ask us to deliver the outputs you want or make them yourself using your 3D model.

How it works
Choose a location
Tell us where you want your 3D model of.

Currently you can choose anywhere in Switzerland.
Set your sizes
Set your sizes
We capture our models in scalable grids. Choose the size that meets your needs or ask for custom dimensions

S: 100x100m – eg family home M: 200x200m – eg office building L: 400x400m – eg retail complex XL: 800x800m – eg housing estate
Configure your products

Photo credit: MAS Stadtraum Architekten

Configure your products
We offer a range of services to suit your needs and budget:

  • Capturing & processing

  • 3D model export

  • Video & image rendering

  • Orthophoto generation

  • CAD integration

  • Shadow simulation

  • Seasonal simulation


Get a free demo pack

spatial services pack

Includes a 3D model FBX file, Marmoset Viewer and Unity scenes, orthophotos, image & video renders.

gallery images
Visualize and test CAD renders in real-world environments

Spatial services gallery


How do we build ultra high quality 3D models?

From data capture to 3D modeling, we've built a unique process to create Digital Twins of the physical world at a much faster rate and in a more scalable way than existing methods at this level of accuracy. Entire cities in extreme details in weeks,not months.

switzerland map

First we take Switzerland, then we take the world...

With our HQ in Zürich, we’ve started capturing in the heart of Europe and are scaling in this part of the world first. If you want us to capture somewhere in Switzerland, just let us know.
switzerland map

If you’d like to ask about a model for your project or see a demo, just add your details below.

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